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Bore Blitz set za čišćenje oružja | uže + ulje 25ml

  • Bore Blitz set za čišćenje oružja
  • U setu se nalazi uže i ulje 25ml

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5,6 mm
7 mm
8 mm
9 mm
12 cal
16 cal


Bore Blitz Cleaning Tool. BoreBlitz is a pull through cleaning device that cleans the barrel and chamber of any shotgun fast and effectively in shooting direction, without the need to disassemble the gun. Simply drop the brass weight through the barrel of the unloaded firearm and pull the device through the barrel. Available for a wide range of calibres. BoreBlitz offers several key features, compared to other products. It consists of two sponges woven into the textile string, each followed by a rubber ball. The user can utilize cleaning liquids (such as the supplied non-hazardous 3 in 1 Cleaner-Lubricant-Protectant "CLP") to neutralize and absorb powder residues, the most destructive hazard for any barrel. Those residues react with oxygen and cause oxidation. This is one of the main problems for deteriorating accuracy. The first and second sponge on BoreBlitz can be used to either double the cleaning process per stroke, or to use two different chemicals, i.e. a more aggressive, ammonia containing copper fouling agent on the first sponge and a neutralizing oil or CLP on the second one. Whatever combination of liquids the shooter decides to use with BoreBlitz – the rubber balls, with their carefully dimensioned pressure contact to the entire barrel surface, will make sure that the barrel is dry and ready to shoot after every pull-through. Without the danger of a different point of impact caused by an "oil-shot". Features BoreBlitz works with cleaning liquids, like the supplied CLPx, which is the only efficient way to neutralize powder residue (the biggest thread to bore steel) without removing the film of bullet material, which is needed to ensure an unchanged point of impact, like brushes would do. At the same time an integrated rubber ball ensures that after each stroke, the barrel is completely dry, which guarantees an unchanged point of impact. A second set of sponge and rubber ball could be used to double the effect or to use a different solvent.